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Green Friends
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Environmental Organizations

Friends and Foes

Many dog owners are members of the California Native Plant Society, Audubon Society, Sierra Club and other "anti-dog" environmentalist groups. The leadership of these groups need to hear from you. Let them know that you support off-leash recreation and responsible dog ownership, but that you do not support unscientific beliefs that hold dog owners to a higher standard than other park visitors. Tell them to devote their energy to real threats, e.g. urban sprawl, pollution,etc., not to the well-behaved park visitor taking a walk with her/his well-behaved dog.

SF Tree Council
Grassroots organization working to prevent the destruction of SF trees. Dog owners and their dogs greatly appreciate trees!

California Native Plant Society, Yerba Buena Chapter
Members too often create fragile native plants gardens in urban parks.Unfortunately, these simulated habitats remove valuable recreational spaces in high-density urban areas, forcing city dwellers to travel to outlying areas for recreation.

Audubon Society, Golden Gate Chapter
Leadership has been outspoken against dogs in parks. All parks...even a site that consisting of a parking lot and landfill, that is routinely vandalized, i.e. broken glass, fires, etc. (Candlestick Point).

Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Area
Although the Sierra Club recognizes that walking with a dog is a legitimate recreational activity (they sponsor "canine hikes") , the conservation committee is very often very anti-dog.

Hiking with your dogs,