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Green Friends
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Sierra Club Members

Vote for dog-friendly National Board of Directors

As you might already be aware, the SFBay Chapter of the Sierra Club Conservation committee recently voted to ban off-leash recreation from The GGNRA. Input from supporters of off-leash recreation was not seriously considered. In addition, the latest issue of the Yodeler presents one-sided arguments against off-leash recreation. It is important for dog owners to get more involved with Sierra Club policy-making so that there can be serious debate about off-leash recreation, rather than a automatic rejection of dogs in the parks.

The Sierra Club is currently soliciting your vote for the (national)Board of Director candidates. I hope you will vote, and help build a base of support for dog owners. You are allowed to vote for a maximum of five. There are two candidates who seem to be open to off-leash recreation. Recommended:

1) Nancy Rauch,
2) Larry Fahn,

Both environmentalists enjoy outdoor recreation with their dogs, and support off-leash recreation at appropriate sites.

You can vote for these candidates either on-line (with your membership and voting PIN number printed on your ballot), or by mail. If you need a replacement ballot or have any other questions, e-mail: or call toll-free 1-866-720-4357. Votes must be received before April 24, 2002.