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Pine Lake Park Meeting CANCELLED

October 8, 2002 Meeting Cancelled by Rec & Park Dept.

What is happening at Pine Lake?


We hoped to find out at the meeting, but the meeting was cancelled indefinitely.


According to the Management Plan for the Natural Areas Program that was made available to the public in July, here is whats planned for Pine Lake:


        Remove or thin invasive herbaceous vegetation...and trees (pine, cypress or eucalyptus)

        Install a perimeter fence around Pine Lake and adjacent riparian vegetation to limit impacts by people and dogs.

        Close the main trail and associated informal trails that follow either the north or south banks of the lake, thereby allowing access on one side of the lake only.

        conduct periodic trapping and removal of non-native turtle species.

        And more


If this is not what you want for Pine Lake, here's what you can do:


        The Recreation and Parks Commission will consider approval of grant applications to apply for the funding of these projects in the next two weeks.  You can write to the Commission at 501 Stanyan Street, San Francisco 94117.  You can ask them not to approve this application until the public has been told about these plans to change the park.  And you can tell them what you think of these plans.


        You can write to Elizabeth Goldstein, the General Manager of the Recreation and Parks Department, 501 Stanyan Street, San Francisco 94117 (or call 831-2701).  You could tell her that the public has been told nothing about these plans throughout a year-long master planning process for Stern Grove/Pine Lake.  You could ask her to postpone any implementation of these plans until the public has been informed and given an opportunity to comment about them.  And you can tell her what you think of these plans.