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Winter 2002

Urgent: GGNRA & off-leash policy
Help preserve recreation at Fort Funston, Crissy Field, Baker Beach, Marin Headlands, and other GGNRA areas. The GGNRA is measuring the "will of the community" to move forward to legalizing off-leash recreation. We could lose the miniscule 1% of the GGNRA that has been off-leash for decades.
Sign the petiiton at

Off-Leash Petition

Fort Funston DOG

Fort Funston Forum/GGNRA WatchDog

California Senate Member, Jackie Spier, has spearheaded a pilot program to study off-leash recreation in California State Parks. The California State Parks Off-Leash Task Force consisted of representatives from off-leash advocacy groups, law enforcement, and park management. Locally, a site at Candlestick Point has been identified for a potential dog run. Currently the area consists of a parking lot and neglected landfill acreage. Off-leash advocates appreciate this first step in meeting the needs of an underserved population. We also hope that the California State Parks continue to decriminalize off-leash recreation by considering trails/fireroads that may be appropriate for off-leash recreation.

Send a big "Thank you!" to Senator Speir.

Budget campaign was successful. Friends of the Urban Forest received funding from city budget, thanks to Supervisors & public input.

Friends of the Urban Forest

The bank swallows left Fort Funston early August. We wish them a smooth flight back to the South America, and look forward to seeing them Spring 2002.


Stranded marine mammals, such as habor seal pups or sick sea lions, may be on the beach. This is more common during Feb through Aug. Be on the lookout.

Please keep away from stranded sea mammals.

Keep people and pets at least 50 feet away from marine mammals.

Marine mammals can bite and can be aggressive even when ill.

Stranded marine mammals may have "seal measles" or contagious infections.

To report a stranded sea mammal, call Marine Mammal Center (415) 289-7325, or National Park Service Dispatch (415)561-5505.

This message is from Fort Funston DOG and Green Friends on behalf of wildlife and the Marine Mammal Center.

Feel free to copy the above message for distribution to Ocean Beach recreational users.

Green Friendly Citation

GGNRA Fort Funston Bank Swallows

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