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Green Friends
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Green Friends Application Form

Your privacy is respected. This information is NOT shared or sold to other organizations or businesses.

(Please Copy text, then send information via e-mail to

Please register me as a member of Green Friends.

Zip Code:

Contact Information (optional):
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Please answer the following questions, where applicable.

1. Degree of involvement:
___ I would consider volunteering for a one-time project, or more
___ I have ideas and talents to contribute to Green Friends (please specify)

a) I have a dog
b) I am a Parent

3) Other Affiliations:
Indicate whether you are a current member or former member of related groups (specify group, and member status).

a) Environmental Groups such as:
Audubon Society
California Native Plant Society
Golden Gate National Parks Association
Sierra Club
Other environmental groups (specify)

b) Dog Owner Advocacy Groups such as:
Fort Funston DOG
Crissy Field DOG
Other related groups (specify)

Send application to Green Friends at