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Green Friends
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Green Friends

Green Friends was founded by Karin Hu and other environmentalists interested in off-leash dog recreation, conservation of natural resources (e.g. the bank swallows at Fort Funston), and scientific research. Karin Hu is a member of Fort Funston DOG, SFDOG, the Sierra Club, and is a volunteer for SF Animal Care and Control. Dr. Hu has been a naturalist since childhood, starting with an interest in insects and later completing a doctoral dissertation on insect vision. Her dusty, old insect collection has been replaced with a small collection of lively dogs.

Mary McAllister joined Green Friends because it offered the opportunity to make a contribution to environmental issues without conflicting with her interest in recreational activities, including walking her dogs. She has been a member of Sierra Club for over 20 years. She became an annual contributor to Nature Conservancy about 10 years ago, because of its emphasis on preserving existing ecosystems rather than attempting to recreate them. She believes that man has limited abilities to control nature and that efforts to do so often do more harm than good.

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