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Cut the trees, Close the trail, Catch the cats


Come to the meeting !


Stern Grove & Pine Lake Park

Park “Improvement” Plan Presentation

Tuesday October 8, 2002

6 PM- 8PM

Trocadero Clubhouse, Stern Grove


Many improvements were discussed for Stern Grove and Pine Lake in a series of community workshops during the fall, winter and spring 2001-2.  The Recreation and Park Department has developed a park improvement plan to address current uses and needs for this facility.  The design team needs your input and support for the review of this park improvement plan.


Since the last meeting in March, the management plan for the Natural Areas Program has been released to the public.  The plans for the Natural Area at Pine Lake include:



In recent months, we have seen the beginning of the implementation of these plans.  Signs have been posted, closing trails.  Fences have been installed around plantings on the lakeshore. 


Please come to the meeting to find out more about the plans and to express your opinion about the future of our park.