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Welcome to Green Friends!

Green Friends are environmentalists supporting solutions that include families and their pets.

For hundreds of years people accompanied by their dogs have enjoyed a hike on the beach or through the woods. John Muir's famous short story "Stickeen" is a tribute to the "perfect wonder of a dog," who accompanied him in Alaska. Aldo Leopold, the founder of the restoration movement, walked through the woods with his beloved dog, Gus. Enos Mills, founder of the Rocky Mountain National Park, wrote "The Story of Scotch," chronicling his outdoors adventures with a Border Collie.

Although people in the SF Bay Area live in a busy and densely populated area, many of us still make time for the simple pleasure of appreciating nature while accompanied by a dog. Green Friends believe that environmentally-sensitive solutions can allow families and their pets to continue this outdoor recreation.

Find out how you can help maintain and increase access to our parks. Join Green Friends today!

"I like dogs," John Muir

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