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Green Friends
Our Purpose

In the past few years, dog owners have been kicked out of many urban parks that were traditionally available for off-leash recreation.

Green Friends supports solutions that include families and their pets. Good park management can allow conservation of natural resources AND recreation.

Decisions about off-leash recreation should be based on science, not assumptions, not unfounded fears. Science is needed to answer questions such as: What are the significant effects of off-leash recreation on the environment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of dog-related disturbances? How does off-leash recreation compare to risks presented by other recreation? How can risks be managed? Does the presence of dogs increase or decrease safety for people in parks?

Green Friends Goals

1) Promoting Healthy Parks, Healthy People, Healthy Pets. We support solutions that include families and their pets.

2) Stewardship of parks through education of park visitors and volunteering for dog-friendly projects.

3) Seeking sustainable recreation activities, including off-leash activity, for park visitors and their companion dogs, through appropriate site selection and scientific research

4) Representing the environmental concerns of dog-friendly park visitors.

5) Public outreach though letter writing, representation at meetings, and person-to-person dialogue.