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Green Friends
Green Friendly Citation

Frustrated when you see a dog digging under a bush? A child breaking off a branch? A runner hacking a loogie on the trail? A parent letting a fast-food wrapper fly into the wind?

Handing park visitors a "Green Friendly Citation" can serve as a polite reminder about respecting Mother Nature.
Cut & paste the below to make your own ticket book!

Helpful guidelines for Dogs & Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management, Utah.
http://www.blm.gov:80/utah/price/riverinf.htm#A Canyon K-9 Companion

Green Friendly Citation

Fellow park user, you have been issued a Green Friendly citation for the following reason(s):
__ scaring the bejesus outta wildlife
__ running blindly & bumping into others
__ throwing rocks at birds
__ breaking branches or picking flowers
__ making too much noise in a quiet place
__ smashing beer bottles on the pavement
__ leaving poop or gum on the ground
__ digging a hole that's ugly and wrong
__ feeding wildlife your junk food
__ tossing food wrappers willy-nilly
__ having head lice, fleas or other cooties
__ pestering strangers
__ spitting, drooling, or dripping
__ smashing bugs and/or killing plants
__ bringing negative energy into the park
__ other_____________________

Green Friends is dedicated to Healthy Parks, Healthy People, and Healthy Pets.